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The request came out loud and clear: “Mama, I need a new hat. Green and really soft.” So off to the stash we went. Monkey Boy chose a turquoise alpaca, not for the color but for the softness (my kind of fiber lover). So the process began…. I shopped for a nice blend that would match his color requirements: avocado green (to match his coat), and started on the designing with him.

I thought I had it. The first try was too small after three inches of knitting: rip! Second try… too big… rip! Third try – not the charm: RIP!! Mama was getting very frustrated…..   SO after casting on FIVE times, I finally had success with doubled yarn on size 5 needles.

But it ended up too short, but he liked the ridges, they were his input, and the decreases  mathematically speaking were a mess, but I  had a happy customer.

So I chatted with Monkey Boy about our options…. how to make it longer, rip it out again, start it all over, ear flaps, ahhh ear flaps! “But ones that protect my neck too!” was the cry. So I consulted with Elizabeth Zimmermann and knitted on the flap!

And away I began knitting, of course not without comment, because at this point in this project I realized I am just the slave labor….. The flap now needs to look like something that would go under a knight’s armored helmet… Me= grumble grumble (okay hunny – BIG SMILE) {yeah right, this will work, and there’s no way I will want to blog about his hat!}

WELL…… Ta Daaa!!!

Monkey Boy testing the hat in frigid temps.



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This is where I have been finding myself most bitter cold winter nights with major players surrounding me. Of course I just realized I forgot something – it is whistling in the background…..

Cannot forget the tea! The avocado green you see is an alpaca hat designed to order for the Monkey Boy, alpaca was the number one request on his list! There’s a baby surprise on the needles getting ready for its first white stripe. It’s my first and I’m loving the mitered corners. The cones need to be hanked up. Not sure is ‘hanked’ is really a term or not, but they are destined for the dye pot. Crafter Monkey has chosen a pattern and colors, now it’s time to get dyeing and knitting!

I’m a bit worried that I do not have enough yarn left of this ball to finish the hat, which is why I needed to extract myself from the afghan and sofa to scale the stairs and find another ball. Such tough work this knitting. I may catch a chill along the way.

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Tea with friends

The best part of winter is actually getting out of the house to savour time with good friends. The Wee Monkey and I took time to brave the below freezing temps to head out to the local coffee shop for lunch and treats with Mother & Daughter friends we have had to reschedule with time and again for one reason or another. (you know the drill – sometimes life just seems to conspire against us)


Cafe Mocha & Red Pepper Gouda Bisque

I treated myself and the girls to wonderfulness, of course mine was all hot, I asked for foot warmers, and the counter person looked at me a bit odd, but then seemed to realized there could be some profit to be made there.

I want to send out a HUGE sincere thank you to out to all my new subscribers and a Warm Hug to my regular readers of this blog. I have been doing some reaching out and marketing of myself to family and friends, especially to those who didn’t even have a clue this place in cyberspace existed. Everyone needs cheerleaders in their life. Big and small, words of encouragement still mean a lot even when you are #%&* years old. The path of my life is changing, I’m not exactly which direction it is leading me, but I know in my heart and soul it is the right path, the less traveled path. I am listening more, taking more time to smell the flowers, hug my children, hold my husband’s hand and just be in the moment.

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Two of my favorite magazines to really read & study cover to cover. Interweave Knits and Living Crafts. I like to make a special pot of tea (usually something peppermint) and devour each page including the advertising. I make notes, research patterns, designers, bloggers, suppliers, techniques, fabrics, yarns, …….

Yes, it can get obsessive, especially when I get ravelry involved, checking on who is knitting which project, any errata? different yarns? modifications?

Similar technique used by a loved designer…..


Fred + Ginger cardigan from Cosmicpluto's Laura Chau

I love the combo of a lace weight yarn with a sport or worsted weight for the body of the sweater, using orange will always get my attention too! I do love the cape cabled sweater below too.

The story teller in me wants to attempt my version of the mitten too. Goodness knows we have enough felt in the house to make a few sets.

Nothing is more classic than paper snowflakes, I just adore the simplicity of this project. Even in the bitter cold of January I still pause to enjoy the still moments of snow falling, swirling, swaying ever so softly as I sip my tea and enjoy my magazines.

Living Crafts started a blog not too long ago and I love tuning in. Check it out!

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Another warm head

Mr. M's Hat is complete and Wee Monkey is on the lookout for hat-snatchers!

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Mr. M’s Hat

The was begun, with many eyes leering, and many mouths adding their two-cents. Most of them were told to go fly a kite or more appropriately to go throw snow. I thought grey would be the perfect color to go with the navy…

But Mr. Monkey chose the gold & navy combo, mumbling something about the Sabres. I think it’s coming along swell. This is using up more of the Cascade 128 chunky in navy and the modified Kim’s Hat pattern I mentioned in the earlier post.  I have a growing list of hat requests….

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I can’t wait so please open it….. because I know you will love it and I want you to wear it before the Holidays….

Mom loves her new shawl. This is the long-awaited, ripped a few times, never should’ve ever considered drinking wine while knitting the lower portion,  couldn’t wait to give this to its intended recipient shawl.

May I present the Colonnade by Stephen West. I used Berroco Comfort Chunky in Black for the top and James C. Brett Marble Chunky in a fuchsia/red colorway combo for the lower portion. Mom cannot tolerate wool, so this was all acrylic. I think I’ve seen her in at every family function. Can you say love at first snuggle?

Knitted just  for my Crafter Monkey (kinda), I especially chose the owl printable gift tags from BadBirds. CM has read all the Guardians of Ga’hoole series by Kathryn Lasky (yes! all 16) and received the DVD as a present. We are looking forward to a  sundae & movie night really soon (CM does NOT like popcorn).

über soft knitted cuffs. One of them originally started off life intended to be an experiment in a nordic color knitting technique for a coffee cup sleeve using Classic Elite Fresco…….But when the Crafter Monkey saw it off the needles and tried it on she asked when I was going to start the other. (Duh? what was I thinking?)

That did present one tiny problem though, I did not take copious notes so the mate required some guess-work. Well to be honest a LOT of guess-work, but no one has complained with the results. So I present to you the Cafe Cuffs! They did look a little plain and I still do not have the hang of the nordic color work so the embellishments are meant to distract the discerning eye!

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