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3 down 2 up

3 up 2 down
As we head into the last day of eventing.
It was a talented deep field of competitors.
One teammate starting the week on injured reserve but coming off the bench to finish strong.
But as the period wore down tonight three players were looking ragged and sickly.
Let us raise our heads and cheer the noble team from Marchville on in the quest to bring home the “Final Week of School-First Week of New Job for Mister-First Week adjusting to New Daycare Place-While fighting Off Nasty Summer Cold” CUP

We may not look pretty at the finish line, but by golly, we will have made it and not lost or accidentally over medicated anyone in the process.

Look out July


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Special touch

This super quick Special Touch is brought to you by the Crafter Monkey!

The Problem:

We wanted to deliver a bunch of assorted herbs and they needed to ride in a car for a few hours, but we only had these sorry just-run-through-the-dishwasher-jars.

Still has part of the label on & has sticky residue too


Piece of felt cut to size from the CM's stash, we cut a few slashes in it and she laced it up around the old sauce jar. Turns out that the sticky residue helped to keep the felt in place while lacing and tying the bow!

We then nestled this in a basket with lots of our homegrown heirloom tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and some handmade soap we bought and wrapped in parchment and ribbon. The Special Touch to a lake house host & hostess gift for a special couple who treated us to a few wonderful days at the lake!

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And so began an exciting second tournament for the Crafter Monkey! She was pumped, prepped, focused and ready! All week-long I had never seen her so determined to prepare herself: practicing in the back yard, conditioning on the back patio, having me time her jumping exercises, lunging at empty beer cans (yeah I know – it’s the white trash way to practice fencing at home!)

This Molten Sword Tournament was different from the last for three reasons: new electronic scoring system,  Coach moved the tourney to a larger location = local Salvation Army Gym, and hired a professional referee (in previous tournaments coaches from the club had been the referees).

The fencing was great, the sportsmanship = very friendly off the strip and very competitive on, as it should be. But as always, there were smiles, hand shakes, and salutes after every bout.

Great intensity by all the fencers, but I must admit I was a tad bit disappointed in the fans. They were very underwhelming to begin with. After being at many Horse Shows, a Rodeo, soccer games and other sporting events this summer where loud cheering and borderline obnoxious encouragement of the players is sanctioned, the fencing fans were so subdued I thought they may have mistaken the tournament for a funeral at the library. I began applauding after each point was scored but did not go wild when the Crafter Monkey won her first bout (I did not want to embarrass her, you know how kids get sometimes..). But the Coach did encourage me to get a bit rowdy in an effort to spur some other parents and supporters on. Do not fear though, I did not pull the cow bell or air horn out of my bag lest I mortify the CM! But after a few more bouts some more audience participation followed.

Another surprise among the audience was the addition of laser eye pieces worn by Monkey Boy and Wee Monkey and deftly crafted by the Mr. Monkey in their spare hours before the tournament. Take note of the cross hairs for citing of opponents. There were strict instructions given not to destroy opponents until after matches.

Be afraid, be very afraid! They were the hit of the non-fencing youth! And Mr. Monkey had quite a few inquiries as to when he would be going into production for the holiday rush. I swear there were a few people who wanted to place orders!

Alongside all the off-strip fashions were the on-strip fashions. “Fashions?” you wonder.. Yessiree! I realize that there are not many personalization options in a fencing uniform – white, white, white and more white. As a parent, I’m really glad there is no mud involved in this sport! The only part of the uniform that does allow for a bit of flash and pizzazz are the socks. So I’ve noticed when it comes to showing off ones individuality – It’s All About The Socks!

I don’t think any of the kids is superstitious enough yet to have a pair of lucky socks yet and I really hope they never do, because that could only lead to the drama of forgetting a sock or heaven forbid — the evil dryer eating a lucky sock!!

But I digress…. here is a last picture of the winning trio of the youth fencers! All the kids who participated did a fantastic job, but I must add that the CM was really happy to have a trophy to add to her Horsey ones at home!

I just want to send out a huge thanks to Coach Dentino, Mrs. Coach, Mrs. Vogler and many other volunteers who helped out to make the tournament a success. Everything went smoothly, we loved the changes and updates and I know the CM is looking forward to giving her all to training for the Travel Team this Fall. If you or your kids might be interested in sport fencing in the Batavia/Genesee County area, check out EnGarde Batavia. (and no, I’m not receiving any kick-backs – but do tell them I set you!!)

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Meet E. C., he was gifted to me as a new-born by a wonderful patron and her mother that have become addicted to raising and hatching Monarch caterpillars. E.C. was born on August 8th and from then on I have tried very hard not to neglect him!

And so far he has grown right on schedule according to our research. The Monkeys and I have enjoyed feeding and caring for him. Of course the first chore was naming him, I voted for Eric (for Eric Carle) but that was quickly voted down, but after I explained my reasoning…  compromise won, hence E.C. As you can see he has grown quite a bit, I took these pictures at work (I just had to use the great pop-up book) on Wednesday (8/17). I promise to keep you updated on his progress.

I really love sharing this book with preschoolers at the library it’s a wonderful step up from the original book! We have been using the title Monarch Magic here at home to learn more about E.C. and track his progress. If you click on the photo above it will take you to a link where you can purchase the pop-up and learn more about Eric Carle. Enjoy. Now I’m off to hunt up some more milkweed.

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Blueberry Love

Blueberry bread, blueberry jam, blueberry pie, blueberry crumble, blueberry everything!

I took the Monkey Boy Blueberry picking the other day. He was groaning most of the ride there, protesting that he would not enjoy it, but we had not had much Mama & Son time lately and were waaay overdue.

After we arrived and emerged from the car, his tune changed! Next up – 50 question boy. I took him to a u-pick, help yourself spot. He. was. fascinated. I loved the fact we could just talk and pick and snack. Oh the taste of sun warmed blueberries! I had never been blueberry picking before, but I don’t think I will ever miss the season to do it again. There is nothing like the taste of a warm blueberry picked right from the bush. Monkey Boy enjoyed them too. I think he ate about a pound!

Most of our picking went right into jam or was eaten by the rest of the Monkey’s when we returned. But I have to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed the one on one time with the Monkey Boy. I need to make this time more of a regular occurrence with him. During the ride home we chatted so much and I felt so warm & fuzzy about the bonding time with my boy. I also asked him if he remembered me reading him the book Blueberries for Sal when he was little, because this reminded me so much of that, of course he didn’t. So I brought it home  from work the next day for us to share. kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk!

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Garden Glory

My garden gives me such peace and soothes my soul. It, just like my knitting and my dog seem to know just how to relieve the internal stresses, sort the conflicting emotions and remind me to be mindful.

Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience.
It isn’t more complicated that.
It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is,
without either clinging to it or rejecting it.
~Sylvia Boorstein

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Egg & Spoon contest is always a popular game on Saturday morning. Casey was the Blue Ribbon Champ!

Ribbon Runners are a very popular job! Who doesn't love giving out awards to riders and horses?

and there are lots of ribbons to hand out....

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