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3 down 2 up

3 up 2 down
As we head into the last day of eventing.
It was a talented deep field of competitors.
One teammate starting the week on injured reserve but coming off the bench to finish strong.
But as the period wore down tonight three players were looking ragged and sickly.
Let us raise our heads and cheer the noble team from Marchville on in the quest to bring home the “Final Week of School-First Week of New Job for Mister-First Week adjusting to New Daycare Place-While fighting Off Nasty Summer Cold” CUP

We may not look pretty at the finish line, but by golly, we will have made it and not lost or accidentally over medicated anyone in the process.

Look out July


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Yep, that about sums it up. I took a moment during dinner the other night to add up how many sports practices the Mr. Monkey and I schlep the Monkeys to and how many different sports. Drum roll….. 12! Well it may not seem like not that  many to you because you have 8 kids and they don’t play sports, just practice chess, violin and yoga but I guess in spring time we are a tad bit athletically inclined.

Cutest moment that I missed was Wee Monkey insisting on holding her Coaches hand during her first ever scrimmage. That's her - #2

All three are now engaged in summer soccer practices twice a week. (6)

Monkey Boy has TaeKwonDo thrice. (3)

Crafter Monkey cut her fencing to once a week (but its a double session) to make room for a regular riding lesson. (2 or 3?)

Crafter Monkey has nearly something Horse-y every weekend through July (1)

Like one horse is not enough?

So now the standard equipment in the trunk of my car is as follows: lawn chair, rain coat, my puddle boots, old towels,  fleece sweat shirt, hat, sun screen, bug spray, first aid kit, soccer ball, assorted books for all reading levels (in a water proof bag), water proof blanket, wool blanket, knitting (usually a small project like a baby hat), snacks, water bottles for all, and if it’s soccer = popsicles!

Of course we have bags lined up by the back door for each Monkey with the necessary equipment, I just thankful we are not doing sports like hockey or football right now that require lots of parts & pieces, because I know someone would be missing something important or have a puck instead of a ball!

As I was just reminded while typing, there are other end of year activities wrapping up like Girl Scouts, choir, field trips, field days, class parties, community service projects, oh yeah and I have a life and work too! But I would not trade this roller coaster ride for anything, I’m buckled in with a five point restraint, helmet is securely attached and I’m signed up for the long haul, you will have to scrape me up off the pavement at the finish line (if there’s anything left).

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