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I’m off to lunch today with my Mom (her treat – Thanks Mom!) It’s an annual fundraising luncheon with lots of who’s who, volunteers, those of us living with MS, doctors, nurses, PA’s, and fundraising extraordinaires!

Mom and I have a lot of fun, we enjoy a great afternoon out together (which we don’t get very often), a great meal at a posh location (Locust Hill C.C.), and I take a couple of photos here and there trying to act like the press (for the blog) to see what some of the trendy fashionistas of the Rochester area are wearing and go home filled with courage, inspiration, and smiles! Last years luncheon was my first time at the event and I was so filled with hope after listening to the speech by Jennifer Mason. Be sure to click over Here to read about it!

I realize this week most everyone has been all about the Green and St. Patrick’s Day, it’s been very confusing for all my story timers as I read books about green and leprechaun’s yet am wearing orange and an orange ribbon for Awareness Week. Try explaining that to 1-3 year olds! But most of the tall people got it (I hope).

Please help me turn this Awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and the celebration of Green into the movement of some of your hard-earned Green into Orange! Please donate to sponsor Me and Team March as we Walk for MS this spring on Sunday, May 20th. Click here to sponsor us!


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