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…but all the online thingys that take up my time on my iPhone and make me wish lust for an iPad. I don’t know about most folks but I do subscribe to quite a few online newsletters the greatest percentage having to deal with knitting stuff and to a lesser degree herbs, gardening, and natural living. These newsletters usually go beyond just an advertisement for a sale of a product, most times there are announcements of new products, or free patterns, or a just released pattern.

I thought I’d share some of my favorites that show up in my inbox throughout the month. Do try to keep in mind that I also read a ton of blogs too – but that will have to be a topic for another post.

Jimmy Beans Wool I love reading this newsletter & look forward to seeing the new limited time Lorna’s Laces colors that become available (loving the March ’12 Sea Turtle Dream). They also sponsor a Stitch Red campaign to stick-it to women’s heart disease. Not only do they tell you what’s new in the shop but suggest patterns to go with the yarns. I also enjoy the staff project section at the end of the newsletter. They carry Madelinetosh onseies, be sure to check them out, but they carry fabric, buttons, notions and so much more.

elann.com This is more of a sale flier for their great bargains on yarns, pattern books, and notions. Sometimes their staff designers have re-worked an existing pattern to work with a yarn they are promoting and the results are quite wonderful. The prices have made me do a double take.

Morehouse Farm. This is a NY farm that I have fallen in love with ever since I read their book: Morehouse Farm Merino knits : more than 40 farm-fresh designs by Margrit Lohrer. Great yarns, wonderful service, beautiful and creative patterns. Every child needs a ‘critter’ scarf or set of mittens.

Knitting Daily This is the Interweave Knitting daily email. Sometimes it’s great information, a free pattern, giveaways, KAL announcements, but other times it really is just a self promotion tool for sales.

Craftsy I signed up for this one not too long ago to get more information on their new model for online classes. You set your own pace, unlimited access to the online class, notes, and online access to the instructor. Classes are available on a variety of subjects from gardening to cake decorating, plus their site hosts independent designer pattern postings for sale and some for free. Worth checking out.

Schoolhouse Press The late Great knitting Guru Elizabeth Zimmermann‘s daughter Meg Swansen now runs the company and I want to keep abreast of the latest and greatest. What more is there to say?

Quince & Co. This company has been THE hot yarn and getting hotter! The two owning knitwear designers: Pam Allen and Carrie Bostick Hoge have been attracting other popular designers like Hannah Fettig, Cecily Glowik McDonald, and Melissa LaBarre to compliment their wearable, non-fussy, classic, visions of shape and ease of design which make me and many other knitters find it hard to decide which pattern to knit first!

If you have tried yarns and love them, be sure to look up their website from it’s band. Chances are they have a newsletter or blog. Lately I have been preferring a newsletter to reading a blog post. Go figure?(the irony has not been lost)

Tahki Stacy Charles

Classic Elite

Cascade Yarns



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No more lessons, no more dress rehersals (other horse shows). This is it… this Big One!

The Genesee County Fair! All of Crafter Monkey’s hard work (and mine) gets to shine here in the horse ring over the next few days.

and by shine I mean perspire, it’s gonna be in the 90’s! But I’ve got the freezer stocked with ice packs, a handy wheeled cooler on loan, hats, sunscreen, and I don’t know what else ready to go to keep us cool. Some sort of vest that could hold ice might be nice though….

All the pictures in this post were taken at our past horse show (which was where I was: see the last post), which was more of a Pleasure Show, no games! And in Crafter Monkey’s words “Bummer”. The games are the barrel racing and pole bending races which are timed and are usually held at the end of some shows. CM really looks forward to them, and so do most of the kids in her 4-H group too.

If you are a local reader be sure to get out and support your 4-H-er’s click HERE for a Genesee County Fair schedule, AND if not be sure to look up when and where your local county  fair is, the 4-H kids work so hard and submit some very creative projects, handiwork, produce, and not to mention livestock.

I’ll try to keep ya’ll updated through my twitter feed at the right with CM’s progress and also through f/b.

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I started this beauty in late March not long after the vernal equinox thinking it would be a great way to push the warm weather to arrive faster, but after 15 inches of knitting I’ve needed to set it aside to knit some cutesy baby hats. All in cotton and in spring-y colors. It wasn’t hard to let this vest sit.

I chose a local wool from the Knox Fiber Festival I attended last fall. You call see the pictures here. I lost the labels which of course had the yardage and farm of origin on them. I do at least recall the wool came from the Angola area. Which is keeping me true to my blog name! If you happen to have any hints to the farm…. Please leave me a comment! I love to get in touch with the farmers and show them what I’m creating!

The vest is the Abrazo pattern created by Laura Nelkin, you can find it in the Knitty.com fall 2008 issue.

So any way – we have just endured the most rainy weekend after the most glorious week. I peeked inside a sand pail that was left outside since Friday, one of the bigger ones and it was easily seven inches filled! I know that’s not an official rain gauge, but I guess It’s time to bring out the vest again and get the spring weather ju-ju going again.

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Weekend Fun

Me & the Monkeys enjoyed the annual Columbus Day potluck at our CSA. Lots of gourd painting (Monkey Boy was bummed because there was a poor pumpkin crop – so no pumpkins this year).


Yep - really sad!


scarecrow stuffing,


It looks like she's stuffing her own pants!


Hay Rides,

Visits with the barn four-legged friends,


Rare picture of me - my Mom behind the lens



Thanks Mom!


Great time spent together as a family including Grandma & Grandpa too!

We couldn’t have planned a more beautiful day.

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A few great pictures from my visit to the Knox Farm Fiber Fest. It was a breezy chilly day and only one the Wee Monkey wanted to join me. So she was spoiled by more than just me! Everybody wanted to share all their goodies with her. We both had a wonderful time. Her hi-lights? Petting the llama, hayride, brownie cupcakes and seeing duck butt. Go figure?

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CSA fun & food

Our favorite early Saturday morning diversion.

Oh yeah …. and they have great organic produce too!!

Porter Farms CSA Elba, NY

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Yarn, fiber, food, patterns, yarn, sheep, needles, books, alpaca, yarn, great people, buttons, great weather, yarn!

I have been to a few yarn shops, but have never felt overwhelmed by choices until I pilgrimaged to the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival in Hemlock, NY.

WOW! I know from having read many accounts from other bloggers that this fiber fest is small in comparison to the biggies like Rhinebeck and Maryland but one day was not enough to take in every vendor, demonstration, or exhibit.

I thought we had a system all planned out: We should first visit all the outdoor vendors in case of rain, next: hit all the buildings carefully stopping at each booth, but it was just too easy to get sidetracked!

Felted Flowers

Mom and I had a blast! We met so many great people and renewed aquaintencences from local farms.

If you go, plan to spend the whole day or better yet the whole weekend, I wish I had. Mom and I couldn’t decide what to eat so we shared the Artichoke French, Beans ‘n Greens and Artichoke Freda. We were not disappointed,

I did not think this would be a Monkey field trip but I did see a few other Monkeys. Most were non-plussed and a little bored but I know the Crafter Monkey is planning to come next year.

Nuno scarf demo

Nuno scarf demo

Sheep-dog competition, not sure who won

Sheep-dog competition. I'm not sure who won: sheep, dog, or shepherdess

Lincoln Long Wool Locks

Lincoln Long Wool Locks

There’s so much to share, I think I’ll have to continue on in another post….

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