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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I couldn’t help myself and had to post an Orange shamrock!

Even though I come from good Polish stock, St. Patty’s day always held a special place in our hearts growing up. My grandparents were married on that day because you couldn’t get married during Lent, but only on St. Patrick’s or St Joseph’s feast days. So we always celebrated Grandma & Grandpa Daminski’s Anniversary.

Gram would be amazed at the choices for a St. Patrick's Day Wedding theme today!

Grandpa was always in charge of the St. Patty’s float for his church’s entry in the annual parade. In the weeks leading up to the parade I remember helping Gram make hundreds of tissue paper carnations which would be used to cover the float and the visiting Grandpa at the workshop as he and his buddies were busy smoking their cigars and debating design elements. Ah the things we remember as kids…

Thank you all for tuning in for a Wonderful MS Awareness Week of crazy posts. I hope you learned something and enjoyed yourselves but most of all have a greater awareness of those that might be suffering from ANY invisible illness or disease. We may look great on the outside, but some days we really are just trying to fake it!


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