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3 down 2 up

3 up 2 down
As we head into the last day of eventing.
It was a talented deep field of competitors.
One teammate starting the week on injured reserve but coming off the bench to finish strong.
But as the period wore down tonight three players were looking ragged and sickly.
Let us raise our heads and cheer the noble team from Marchville on in the quest to bring home the “Final Week of School-First Week of New Job for Mister-First Week adjusting to New Daycare Place-While fighting Off Nasty Summer Cold” CUP

We may not look pretty at the finish line, but by golly, we will have made it and not lost or accidentally over medicated anyone in the process.

Look out July


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I am so thankful to all my Team Members and Sponsors for their support this year. We had a great day for the walk, near eighty degrees and super sunny. Dwyer Stadium in Batavia is a great location and this is the third year we have participated and it has grown so much since we started. I’m not very good at ball parking numbers in crowds but I would easily say the number of walking participants has quadrupled. There’s still time to help Team March reach our goal of $5000 (we are a bit shy of our goal) so please click HERE to help get us there! Every little bit helps.

I want to take a quick public bloggy moment to say a special thank you to my Cousin Courtney who has outdone her fundraising self again this year. At the time of the Walk MS on Sunday she had collected from 52 sponsors for a total of over $2,000! And a special thanks goes out to all her co-workers at Fisher-Price in East Aurora, You are helping so many Upstate NY MS patients and families – Thank You so Much!

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The MS Society released a new campaign this spring to help increase awareness, help MS families, patients, and assist with education and of course fundraising. (Big Sigh) I’ve been around the not-for-profit world (public libraries) long enough (14 years) to know when there is a big push coming on, and yes, this is the Big MS Walk & fundraising season…

BUT this copy did make me stop and think! It did hit HOME! And yes! IT is personal!

Shortly after I was diagnosed and accepted the news, I told close family and a select few close friends and began the process of treatment etc. Then I started to notice that things began to get a little funny with a few of my friends, and not the ha-ha funny. I thought I was strong enough to begin telling people about this disease about which I knew very little and was learning every day, and suffer the fall out, but it turns out MS really does Kill Connections! It makes it hard for some people to adapt to your disease even though they are on the fringes, they might not be your best friend, but to have them pull back, stop calling, stop asking to get the kids together for play dates, and even keep run-in conversations to small talk hurts. As a parent, I would have told my kids that these people weren’t really your friends in the first place, but golly, we were in our thirty’s! It wasn’t like I was trying to be the poster girl for MS at this point in my life either, I didn’t want lots of folks to know, I just wanted everything to go away and return to normal because my symptoms had subsided with medications after all. Cripes, this is the first time I’ve really even owned up to these feelings til now.  I do see these folks from time to time,  we chat, catch up on the kids goings on and leave it at that, but I guess there will always be a part of me that feels sad for them, I hope someday they can be strong enough for someone who will need them. But on to the positives….

MS has brought into my life so many wonderful caring people who didn’t even know I have the disease until recently! Crazy as that might seem, but if it weren’t for the disease I would not have made the choices or decisions I have in the past three years. Most of them have been family or health related with a focus on what makes us happy or content, or keeps us spending time together or apart (which ever is necessary at the time).

The MS Connection site went live this week and has been hopping since! I logged on and have been enjoying the resources and connections. I hope this format will continue and word will spread to others affected by MS; because there are days that even though I know how much my husband and kids love -love me there is no way they can ever understand how I feel inside, nor would I ever want them to, but sometimes it helps to have someone to commiserate with. Someone you just don’t have to explain a lot to, they just get it.

The MS Connection site is just one of the many resources that the MS Society funds with the Walk MS monies raised each year. So please consider giving to Team March or Walk with Me!

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As parents we inevitably have to make rules up to keep the household running smoothly. Nobody told us this, I don’t recall reading this in any parenting books that I read voraciously when the first two kids were young and then proceeded to throw out because I realized that I just needed to go with my gut, follow my heart, and pick and choose great skills I observed other parents practicing.
Some rules are made up out of necessity to rear well-behaved children, some to make good habits, others to keep the peace, and yet others to preserve sanity.

Here’s a sampling of The Marchville Rules:

#1 Be Kindness! (most important)

#24 Only socks can be thrown inside the house

#27 No you cannot hoard candy in your bed!

#56 Bus your own dishes, you do not live in a restaurant.

#67 If you come home in a really grumpy mood, you must spend 10 minutes on the punching bag. (instead of taking your bad day out on the rest of us! It also helps some of the Monkeys to be better able to pinpoint what went wrong in their day)

#71 You must eat the number of vegetables that match your age (example= If you are 7 years old: you gotta eat at least a combo of 7 veggies on the table that night – broccoli & cauliflower. I don’t try to be a really mean Mom and cook up brussel sprouts and squash on the same night, I try to make sure there’s at least something each Monkey will like.)

#89  You must use SOAP with the water when washing your hands or showering (this needed to be enacted due to a Monkey who shall remain anonymous but his initials are M.B.)

#111 dirty silverware must be deposited on the right side of the sink. (This is a fairly new rule, since we moved into the new house, the left side has a garbage disposal. I cannot count how many times utensils have been mangled and Mr. Monkey & I do not like sticking our hands down there.)

#120 If you leave the garage door open you owe Mama $5. (another new house rule – it’s a heated garage, albeit only to 40 degrees, but I’m not heating the neighborhood! I’ve made some money on this one, you’d think they’d learn.)

Gosh there are so many more, but I tried to pick the ones unique to Marchville. Do any of you need to pat down your 7yo son before they leave the house in the morning to search for contraband? That is quickly becoming another rule.

Are you willing to share and unique to your family rules?

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Hi, My name is Kelly and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed in May 2009 after almost eight-teen months of wonky symptoms that caused me and my family to seek the help and guidance of what have become trusted health care providers. Chances are that the symptoms were there earlier, but just less annoying to be concerned with. Nationally approximately 400,000 people have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and 2.1 million worldwide. There is no known cure.

It has not been an easy road, this chronic disease is part of a larger group of diseases known as the autoimmune diseases which encompass diseases like: diabetes type 1, celiac disease, and Graves disease.

Multiple Sclerosis affects each person differently. The one thing I have learned for certain after talking with many patients, their family members, doctors, PA’s, and nurses is that we each are unique in our symptoms and treatments. For instance, I have been suffering from migraines for almost two years now and in all that time I have not run across one person who has had similar symptoms. Yet, I can knit up a storm (the mobility of my hands is not affected).

In January I experienced my first flare up since diagnosis. This event had quite an impact on my health, my marriage, my children, and our lives. It is something none of us care to repeat, it has made us stronger and treasure good health even more.

This flare up has reminded me to take nothing for granted; to live life each day, hug your husband & children lots, eat consciously, get regular exercise (both mental & physical), practice yoga, take my medicine, and ask for help.

For more information on Multiple Sclerosis please check out these quality sources:

National MS Society

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

Multiple Sclerosis International Federation

National Institute of Health information page on MS

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What do you do with all those little bits of yarn that you snip off after weaving in your ends?

We have been saving our yarn bits & pieces for the birds. I remember reading over the summer from either a wonderful blogger or a magazine article (so sorry I can’t cite it) about how the family would save up theirs and then come spring time stuff them in an inexpensive suet feeder hang them in a tree for the birds to pluck out to line their nests with. One of the Monkey’s suggested we weave some of the longer strands through pine cones to be hung up on the trees too (great idea if you don’t have a suet feeder).

Our neighborhood birds will have a great selection of colors and fibers to choose from this spring. I can’t wait to spy the nests.

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Earlier this month our local fencing club EnGarde Batavia hosted an Inter Club Tournament for kids (Y14) and adults. It was a very small pool of kids – 4, but just as fun and competitive.

The same as with any tourney, there’s always plenty of down time between bouts too.

Time to hydrate, relax, and meet new fencers from far off places like the big city of Rochester!

But everyone wore their game faces when it came time to hit the strip…

But I know what you are really waiting for…. the SOCKS!!! So here they are.. but just a few pics…

And how could I forget the die-hard fans….

Monkey Boy was sooooo happy I brought him a Beast Quest book from work. I don't think he looked up until he finished it.

He was patient enough to wait for the rest of the matches to finish before completing the book though. He can really read when he puts his mind into it! This tournament was a bit different for me though because I did not take the day off for it, so I could only jet out from work on my lunch break to see a couple of bouts and then had to head back. But the club has installed a new scoring system that can upload the results online, so I got to see how Crafter Monkey was doing maybe not in real-time but just as helpful although I did keep hitting the refresh button A.lot. But you can just check out the results here & now on the club front page.

When I asked the CM what kind of fencing stuff for Christmas she wanted she answered, “I just want to fence more, so I can get better!”  So simple, so focused.

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