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3 down 2 up

3 up 2 down
As we head into the last day of eventing.
It was a talented deep field of competitors.
One teammate starting the week on injured reserve but coming off the bench to finish strong.
But as the period wore down tonight three players were looking ragged and sickly.
Let us raise our heads and cheer the noble team from Marchville on in the quest to bring home the “Final Week of School-First Week of New Job for Mister-First Week adjusting to New Daycare Place-While fighting Off Nasty Summer Cold” CUP

We may not look pretty at the finish line, but by golly, we will have made it and not lost or accidentally over medicated anyone in the process.

Look out July


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I thought I was going nutty trying to search for a few things betwixt work and home via Google over the past few months but couldn’t quite put my finger on it…..

(Creepy, big brother-ish, scary, bad news for librarians and other quality-balanced information seekers…)

But at least now I know what’s going on and so do you!

Want to watch other really cool and neat-o information-scientific-geek videos? Check out the TED site! Their tag line is: Riveting talks by Remarkable people, Free to the world.  Beware – you can lose many hours there, I did!

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I was wandering aimlessly through the great beyond that is the internet and wanted to share these…

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